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sometimes just taking a few mins off and be with my loved ones can be very satisfying at the heart. those few mins had recharged my body with more energy although my eyes are telling me to sleep. i am happy that i have home-cooked lunch everyday. i am happy to hear the work rants from my mother. i am happy to fix the webcam for my family. i am happy to do these little things that mean so much to all of us.

I saw this when I was blog-hopping. :) It made me smile.


Mumm cooked duck for dinner.
Ah-ma asked Mummy, "Mee sua?"
Mummy said, "Have to wait until another day."
Ah-ma asked why.
Mummy explained that the mee sua came from Taiwan.


Liyun and I had a fun time trying to figure out what Naughty Gugu's passwords for all her accounts.


Ah-ma asked Mummy twice when Korkor is coming back. And she told us the same story of when Korkor was 4 or 5 twice. I guess she really misses him. :)

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It feels like I am coming up with a SOLO album.
All the necessary things that needs to be done.
3 more weeks to performing. :)

you are my heart breaker.

G-드래곤's album and Solo Flight have been the only two anticipations I have been waiting for.

Not a lot of people like Asian music. I still dislike listening to Asian music, especially Chinese music. Those songs (sometimes with bad vocals) that make me have goose pimples, and those people who copy songs and call it their own should slap themselves. Nowadays, it is SO HARD to find an ORIGINAL song. Every song has its influences somewhere somehow. I personally enjoy anything G-드래곤 composes, why? Although it has its influences from other singers, he always manages to add the essence of his style in. Well, this point of view is subjective. But I truly admire his passion for music and performing.

Solo Flight (for me, Duo) has been a roller-coaster ride for me! I am pretty happy that things are getting in shape. Not as messy as before, but I could see some light in it. Do come and watch me perform a play that I created with my partner-in-crime. Sometimes it is the process towards the end product makes me satisfied. :)

I can't wait to perform!


As usual, the family goes to my grandma's place for dinner. Ever since her operation, she always eats first. Yesterday when my mum asked my grandma if she has eaten. My grandma answered, "No, waiting for your mee sua." Just one short sentence could actually touched my heart. I think it made my mum happy as well! :) My grandma even had a second round of dinner (with yong tau foo)!
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Just this morning, during RCIY, they talked about miracles. They mentioned that miracles happened because one has faith. And this made me think about my 94 year old grandma. My grandma pulling through the operation is a miracle, because she has the full faith in God. If He wants her back home, He would have taken her. But I believe that God saw her faith and decides to give her more years to live. I am grateful for this miracle.

Every time when I feel upset, angry, frustrated, sad, I would think of things like these to make me feel that there is always a rainbow after each rainfall. Plus, these days, I'm getting upset more and more.


My brother told me to go and try this set lunch at this place called Taos (which is pretty near my school.) So, I suggested to Clara to go there for lunch yesterday. :) There are 6 courses in the set lunch; for dinner, it is 7. Both of us ordered different dishes, so that we could try.

Bacon & Mushroom Gratin with Bread.
I love the baked cheese and the toast bread.
The one minus point, they cleared our bread before we could finish it! :(

Next was the salads.
We tried the smoked salmon salad and prawn with pork floss.
Well, I prefer the smoked salmon, because all I tasted in the prawn with pork floss is only the pork floss.

Mushroom & Pumpkin Soup.
AND I LOVE THE PUMPKIN SOUP! Reminds me of the pumpkin sauce that korkor cooked for one of the gatherings. The pumpkin soup is sweet and creamy, just the way I like it. If the mushroom soup is slightly more creamy, I would love it ten times more!

Main course...
Lamb & Pork Ribs
Clara wanted to order Spicy Stingray, but she didn't, because she said you can eat spicy stingray at Chomp Chomp. I told her to order the lamb! I love the lamb when I tried it! It goes so well with the mint sauce, plus it is so tender that it almost melts in my mouth. I also love the pork ribs. It is really soft and tender too. Good for people with no teeth. The garlic sauce makes it so delicious! Oh, and I love the orange "ice-cream look-a-like". I think it is blended sweet potato and carrots.

Finally, the dessert.
Tiramisu & Brownie with Ice Cream
I'm not a fan of Tiramisu because of coffee. So, I ordered Brownie with Ice Cream. It is good! :) They could have given a slightly bigger piece... I love brownies. :) I tried the Tiramisu too. The coffee isn't very strong, so it is just nice for me. :D

The set also comes with a drink.
I heard that Rose Apple Tea is good. So we ordered that Rose Apple Tea and Tropical Grapefruit which is not very nice on the second taste. I love Rose Apple Tea! But both teas are refreshing after a heavy lunch. :D Clara told me that she is going to try making Rose Apple Tea. Yes, I can't wait! :D

After lunch, we headed to Vivocity to walk around. Clara saw this sweet shop where she saw in Australia. Honestly, I do not fancy the sweet after eating one stick. It is too sweet (jer-lat) for my liking, and I prefer the candy that they make and chopped it into pieces. And the sweet mango has an after-taste effect which makes my stomach churns.

Remember to try Taos' Set Lunch! 
The price is really worth the food! :)

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